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Trichotillomania Mood Music | Playlist #2: Rainy Day Relax

Hi friends! I thought I’d post another relaxing playlist for those looking for some good vibes. Today’s theme: relaxing on a rainy day.

Why is Rain So Relaxing?


One theory as to why nature sounds — such as rain, thunderstorms, leaves rustling, brooks babbling or birds chirping – are so relaxing is that they become a kind of background white noise for us. Over time, certain sounds we’ve become accustomed to and find pleasant could actually help improve focus and concentration.

For example, a study from researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School found that “participants performed best at ‘attention tasks’ when listening to sounds that were considered familiar, compared with unfamiliar ones” (Health). The study also found that not all noises helped all participants equally in the study. Each person’s relaxation noises will be different.

So, below is some of my favorite rain-themed music that I listen to while I work. Often, if I’m feeling urges to pull (and ignoring them) then I get somewhat anxious or jittery. These rain sounds act like white noise for me and just help create a neutral, relaxed space for me to work in. I hope at least some of you will feel the same when you listen 🙂

Soothing Relaxation | Relaxing Music & Soft Rain

Fantastic Music | Heavy Rain

The Jazz Hop Café | rainymood.

the bootleg boy | RAINING IN T O K Y O

Fantastic Music | Purple Rain

Share Your Favorite Music


Have any favorite music to relax to? It doesn’t have to be rain-themed. I‘ve already made a Trichotillomania Mood Music | Playlist #1: TTM & Chill mix which had chill instrumental music. I’ve also compiled a list of 100+ Songs with Trichotillomania in the Lyrics. Check them out if you’d like. If you want more trich or BFRB-related goodies, follow on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks so much for reading (and listening) and, as always, take care of yourself. xx Rexie


**Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. If you have an issue with any of the photos or videos, please let me know and I will take them down immediately. Thanks!**

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