4 Trichotillomania TEDx Talks: Watch, Discuss & Share

Hi friends! There are actually myriad visual resources out there for trichsters, but today I’m talking about 4 TEDx Talks which have been presented to explore trichotillomania. Watch, discuss and share 🙂

What is a TED Talk?

ted-talks-logo-motion-graphics-visual-effects-3d-animation-branding-design-filmAccording to TED, they are a “nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas.” TED began in 1984, originally as Technology, Entertainment or Design conferences. TED Talks are popular because they usually cover a specific topic in a short talk, which is easy to digest. TED Talks are translated into hundreds of languages and are shared around the world.

Trichotillomania TEDxTalks

Rachel Fargo – Overcoming Trichotillomania

Rachel is a student presenting about how trichotillomania has impacted her life, how she overcame trich and how sharing with others can be an important resource for the trich community. (6:32 min, 2012 @ TEDxSWPS)

Elizabeth Masterman – Trichotillomania and Beauty Norms

Elizabeth, a student, speaks about the clinical definitions of trichotillomania and how cultural norms surrounding beauty are keeping trichsters from coming forward to speak openly or seek help. (9:25 min, 2015 @ TEDxSouthPasadenaHigh)

Emma Eudy – My Life with Trichotillomania

Emma is a student exploring the ways in which trich has changed her life. She speaks about relevant studies, her own triggers and how trichotillomania and school bullying can go hand-in-hand. (5:56 min, 2018 @ TEDxEnloeHighSchool)

Judith Stevenson – What the Pluck? Living with Trichotillomania

Judith is a trichster and TLC Foundation for BFRBs in the UK ambassador. Her talk explores her history with trich from childhood to adulthood, current possible treatments and raising awareness for the trich community. (18:51 min, 2018 @ TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon)

Bonus #1: Rocking Baldness with Confidence

Michelle Law – A Bald Woman’s Guide to Survival

Michelle has alopecia. However, she mentions many forms of hair loss (including trichotillomania) before delving into her personal history and how she has grown to be confident in her baldness. She’s also hilarious. (11:02 min, 2013 @ TEDxSouthBankWomen)

Bonus #2: Mental Health in Animals

Laurel Braitman – Depressed Dogs, Cats with OCD – What Animal Madness Means For Us Humans

Laurel talks about how humans and animals share many similarities when it comes to mental health. She also speaks about how current psychopharmaceutic structures are an interesting intersection between anthropomorphization and an actual way to treat mental illness in animals as well as humans. (19:32 min (trich @ 6:37-6:57), 2014 @ TED)

Sharing Your Story: TEDx Talks

tedx-logoWant to share your story? You can host a local event called a TEDx Talk. TEDx Talks are individually arranged TED events at locations which wish to share ideas with their community and the world. This is an excellent way to be a part of the TED community and share ideas without having to leave your city.  Just make sure to follow TED’s rules on hosting a TEDx event.

Come Talk To Me


I hope you guys liked this post! I want to let other trichsters out there know they are NOT alone and that there is a whole community out there just waiting to accept you. Whether you speak openly about your trich or not, knowing you are part of a community can be a really amazing feeling. I hope this helps some of you feel less alone.

If you liked this and want more trichotillomania and BFRB-related goodies, then follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Or, leave me a message below and I’ll be sure to get back to you. As always, thanks so much for reading and take care. xx Rexie

**Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended so if you have a problem with any of my images, please let me know and I will take them down immediately. Thanks!**



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