Trichster Toolbox: 10 School Supplies to Keep Your Fingers Busy

Hi Friends! Back to school shopping is always a fun way to spend a weekend perusing new options for the year ahead. But did you know that some back to school supplies can also be great for reducing anxiety or giving you the tactile sensation that trichotillomania does? And, even better, no will guess their additional function! Two uses for the price of one. Awesome!

The Importance of a Trich Toolbox


Keeping tools at your disposal to overcome hair pulling isn’t just a metaphor. Sometimes you need actual real tools and toys which you can play with at a moment’s notice. It is important to have them ready so they can be used when you need them.

I’ve broken down 10 supplies that are functional, cool and won’t get you yelled at by your teacher or stared at by your classmates. They generally fall into two categories: those that keep your hands busy and those that feel good tactilely on your fingertips. Both are great for keeping those urges busy 🙂 So, let’s get into it!

Spiral Hair Bands


These kinds of spiral hairbands are great for using as no-pull hairbands or keeping one around your wrist as a trich toolbox toy. No one will question it and it can easily become a toy to stretch, run your fingers along, or squish together. Also, they can be found at any drugstore.

Tactile Pencil Cases

These days, there are many options for pencil cases. Two that might help defer pulling urges are zipper and fuzzy pencil case designs. Zipper designs can be zipped all the way up and down, keeping your hands busy while your fingers run over the teeth. Fuzzy options are great for that smooth petting motion or for gently tugging at individual pieces. And, of course, they function as plain old pencil cases as well.

Bendy Pencils

Now, I realize bendy pencils won’t be for everyone. But, they’re certainly fun to play with in class. They come in vibrant colors which are solid and sparkly or multi-colored and striped. So, throw them into your pencil case and then bend away as needed!

Pencil Toppers

To use these trich tools, you need real pencils, not mechanical. They sit right on top of your pencil and they come in myriad forms. Some are geometric shapes, some look like those purple trees from the Lorax movie, and some are spiky and glow-in-the-dark. They’re great for playing with and if anyone asks, say you’re going with the retro look. They were all the rage in the 2000s, after all.

Moldable Erasers

kneadable eraserThere are lots of moldable erasers out there, but these are some of the cutest I came across. Each one comes in a tiny milk carton and is flavored with a scent such as strawberry milk, plain milk, chocolate milk and then grape and pineapple juice. The erasers function as erasers while smelling nice and giving you plenty to play with and mold as class goes on.

Maze Puzzle Pens

These puzzle pens feature mazes which run up and down their length. You have to twist and tilt the pen in order to move a tiny metal ball through the maze until you reach the other side. This one is a bit more obvious than the others, so take care not to piss of your teacher, otherwise they may take it away!

Reversible-Sequin Backpack

Backpacks are pretty crucial to the entire school-going process. They help you ferry books, binders and notebooks to and from school, as well as between classes. But, they can also be great stress relief. Reverse-sequin backpacks are great for looking cool as well as allowing you to play with them pretty endlessly. Not into rainbow sequin? No worries. There are black and silver options available as well.

Squishy Backpack Keychains

Consider placing squishy or otherwise finger-engaging keychains on your backpack. No one will question them if they are cute like a strawberry or peas in a pod. They’ll be just another cute keychain. But if you get stressed you can squeeze the dickens out of them. Win-win.

Fidget Spinners

Okay, so teachers hate these. They do. So, to make sure that your fidget spinner doesn’t get confiscated, only use it between classes, during free time or outside of school. There are some pretty cool options like pen fidget spinners as well as golden snitch fidget spinners. I’m not saying they don’t work. They do! I use the alien one myself. It’s smooth and heavy. But, don’t make the mistake of using it too often and getting on your teacher’s bad side!

Keen Bracelets

These are the most expensive option on this back to school list, but they really work. The Keen bracelets go on your wrists and you can train them to notice when you lift your hand or hands to a certain area (such as your head, eyebrows, lashes, etc.). It will then buzz lightly to call your attention to the act when you lift a hand to those forbidden places. You can also note when you actually completed the act and when it was a false warning. This data is then compiled on your phone app. It is an overall great way to track how you’re doing while helping you reprogram where your hands go. It’s expensive, but well worth it. And, even better, everyone will just think it’s a smart watch!

Have an Awesome School Year!


Whether you’re in middle school, high school or university, I hope you have an awesome school year. I also hope that these double-purpose tools and toys help add distraction options to your trich toolkit. I know going to school with trichotillomania can be hard. That’s why I’ve also written about how to survive school when you have a bald spot. School can be rough. But, just do your best. Study hard and you’ll succeed. Your whole life is ahead of you so make sure to make the most of these school days, even if they’re hard. I believe in you! You got this!

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**Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. If you have a problem with any of the images, please let me know and I will take it down immediately. Thanks!**


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